Developmental Science

Diana Divecha, Ph.D., writes about her favorite research on parenting and children's development


Investing in children is the most important move a society can make, financially and socially—it’s just simple good sense and a moral imperative. I’m a developmental psychologist in an interdisciplinary field that is rich with evidence for how to do just that.

Formerly, I co-founded and was Chair of the Human Development Department at Sonoma State University in Northern California where I taught about all aspects of children’s development. I stepped off the academic track when my children entered middle school to co-construct their development with more spaciousness and joy—and B-vitamins and timely nail clipping. I remained active in my field, writing, speaking, hosting workshops on children and teen’s development, and serving on boards of organizations that work with children.

Best of all, I enjoy the unfunded personal laboratory of my family life where I get to play around with ideas about development and families. So far everyone is thriving—my two daughters are grown and recently came to me and asked if I would write down what was in my head while I was raising them because they “loved” their childhoods. I’m working on that.

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